The Basics of Grilling with Omnivore

The Basics of Grilling with Omnivore


Summer is officially here and it's grilling season! Here you have a few tips for you on how to cook the best meat with Omnivore.

1. Meat cooks more evenly if the interior temperature is close to room temperature when you begin. This is especially important when preparing a bone-in cut of meat.

2. Meat tastes better when seasoned beforehand. Use Omnivore Salt to season pork, lamb and beef and rub Omnivore Limone on white meats and fish. Coat on both sides of the meat for perfection.

Remember these simple additional rules:

1. Lower temperature and lengthen cooking time for large or bone-in pieces of meat. High temperature for small or thin cuts.

2. Let the meat rest away from the heat. The juices will redistribute and the meat will be more evenly cooked.


omnivore limone on grilled chicken


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