Omnivore and Wild Idea Buffalo

We are proud to announce our partnership with Wild Idea Buffalo

You can now purchase on their website a bundle loaded with a diversity of cuts for many memorable meals; Grill, simmer, or stew the prairie goodness and fill your heart and home with sustainable goodness. Also included, is the best seasoning for any kind of meat: Omnivore Salt.

Find the promotion here:

wild idea buffalo and Omnivore Salt!

Vulcano Ginger is here!


omnivore vulcano ginger is sugar free, organic, vegan and calorie free

Close your eyes. Imagine a warm, floral-scented day. Now, imagine to slowly taste a bright, exotic, rich flavor that will blow your mind and make your taste buds tingle. This, Omnivores, is the sensation you will experience when you sample Vulcano Ginger. 

Made in micro batches, and sugar free, our VULCANO GINGER arrives just in time for all kinds of delicious holiday recipes. The aromatic and spicy bite of ginger pairs perfectly with pork, poultry, and seafood. Try it on oysters, in cocktails, grilled vegetables, stir fries, chips, and Asian inspired dishes.

VULCANO GINGER strikes a perfect flavor balance between sweet, spicy and tart, and it is made by carefully mixing  local, organic produces. No artificial flavors or preservative are added to this mouthwatering elixir.


Gnocchi from Scratch

Warm up on a crisp Autumn day with a bowl of homemade gnocchi. And no excuses on this one, because we've just shown you how -- watch Angelo make gnocchi from scratch here

Would you like to take part in Angelo's next Gnocchi and Pasta making class on October 29th? Send an email to

Laurie Frankel Photography gets all the credit for these yummy pics. Tag us in your pictures of homemade gnocchi, and we'll repost it! Follow our Instagram HERE


Summer is Still Going Strong

 omnivore salt and Bi-Rite

We don't want you to miss out this summer!

So here's a reminder of our partnership with Bi-Rite Market (on Divisadero and 18th). It's still going on -- but only for a few more weeks. TIP: for an extra dose of Omnivore, you can ask the store butcher to preseason your meat with Omnivore Salt! 

For suggestions on some delicious meals go HERE.

Flashback Friday - Omnivore on Bon Appétit

Angelo Garro and his organic paleo friendly seasoning salts are good for the summer and being made in the Renaissance Forge.

Ever wonder how Omnivore crafts products and recipes? Well some of your burning foodie questions have been answered! Bon Appétit Magazine featured a few of our favorite kitchen necessities and you can view them HERE -- Use these products to create your own delicious recipes with our Omnivore seasonings and condiments

UPDATE: Two years later, these kitchen tools are still our faves!

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