Vulcano Ginger Hot Sauce

$ 7.50

Featured on NPR - Here & Now as one of the "hottest" products of 2017!!!

Vulcano Ginger is an organic, exotic, spicy, gingery hot sauce.

With a mild spice level, and a bright, tangy flavor, Vulcano Ginger is a great dipping sauce and an everyday condiment too.

Vulcano Ginger gets its bright, rich, fresh taste from 90% sweet tomatoes, red bell peppers and onions. It is packed with fresh vegetables.

This organic sauce doubles as both a hot sauce to drizzle on sandwiches, fried chicken, French fries, rice bowls, and in cocktails as well as a rich thick marinade for grilling chicken, wings, pork and beef.

It's perfect for Asian inspired dishes with it mouth-watering, tingly, tangy, spicy bite of ginger. Mix with a little soy sauce and/or fish sauce to make a marinade or dipping sauce for a chicken, pork or beef satay. It pairs perfectly with seafood; shrimp, crab and oysters. Use in a cocktail sauce, Louie dressing or as a base for dips.

This sauce is addictive!

    Vulcano Ginger is SUGAR FREE, has 0 calories per serving, it's USDA certified and it's made with organic, California produce.

    Ingredients: *Red bell peppers, water, *onions, *tomatoes, *white wine vinegar, *ground ginger, sea salt, *garlic powder, *cayenne, xantham gum