Omnivore Pepata

$ 12.00

OMNIVORE Pepata is an organic savory pimento spread to use on bread, crackers and sandwiches.

The organic sweet vine ripened pimentos blended and cooked with fennel, red pepper and spices and finished with organic extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar create this unique versatile, spread or side dish.

Use it in: Add it to your cheese, charcuterie and pickle boards as an appetizer. It’s also a delicious garnish for your meat, fish, pasta, couscous and risotto dishes. Add it to an omelet or sandwich or serve it with hummus and yogurt dips.

Pepata will liven up your appetizer platter and any dish you add it to!

Ingredients: organic pimentos, organic olive oil, organic red wine vinegar, organic spices, sea salt, organic garlic

  • USDA  and CCOF Certified Organic
  • No MSG
  • No GMO
  • Vegan
  • Sugar Free