Omnivore 4 Tin Gift Box Set

$ 48.00

These (4) 2oz Salt Blends are each unique and will have you covered in the Kitchen all year long! We have added our intoxicating wild black truffle salt blend that makes simple foods like eggs, pasta and sauces into something extra special.

Bring a smile to every cook on your list with Omnivore's collection of cooking salts. Each salt comes in a practical tin that will look great next to your stove and can travel with you when you need to take your feast on the road. 

  • Salt - Ingredients: Natural sea salt from Northern California, organic fennel, organic black pepper, organic red pepper. This is our most versatile salt blend and adds savory flavor as a rub on meats and veggies, in pastas, soups and stews or sprinkled on top of anything to finish.
  • Limone - Ingredients: Natural sea salt from Northern California, organic lemon, zest, organic dill, organic ginger, organic parsley, organic garlic, organic fennel, and organic black pepper. Limone was created for fish, poultry and spring vegetables. With its dried lemon zest its best used as a rub or during cooking to let the zest hydrate to add Its zesty citrus flavor to your rubs, brines, soups, dressings and dips.
  • Porcini - Ingredients: Natural sea salt from Northern California, wild porcini pieces, wild porcini powder, organic black pepper, organic fennel, organic parsley. Wild Porcini adds a rich earthy flavor, that only mushrooms can impart to your dishes. Rub it on steaks, wild game and hearty root vegetables. Add to slow cooked dishes, pastas and risottos.
  • Tartufo - Ingredients: Natural Course Sea salt, black truffle pieces and organic black pepper. UMAMI: To experience the most truffle flavor in your dishes, Tartufo is best added in the final 10-15 minutes of cooking to hydrate the wild black truffle pieces and let them infuse their distinct, musky, buttery notes of garlic, hints of forest floor, and hazelnut to your dishes. Works to add complexity and rich umami to a wide range of dishes—meats, sauces, soups, pastas, risottos, vegetables and (our favorite) popcorn!