Omnivore Pop & Go Wanderlust Gift Box

$ 32.00
Organic Sea Salt Blend Combo:

Our OMNIVORE Pop & Go Wanderlust Gift Box ensures that your snack cravings are satisfied wherever your journey takes you. Compact and portable, it easily fits into your backpack, tote bag, or picnic basket, ready to accompany you on all your adventures. Whether you are pitching a tent under the stars, or surprising friends with a movie night delight, this fun-filled gift set  will delight your friends with this delicious treat that will leave them craving more. And this set comes packaged in an attractive, gift-ready box.

 Making popcorn at home is easy on the stove top: 

  1. Add a thin layer of cooking oil such as sunflower or coconut to the bottom of a 4-quart pot. 

  2. Add in 3 corn kernels, cover, and turn the heat on to high.

  3. When you hear the kernels popping, uncover, and add in 1/2 cup of kernels. Turn the heat down to medium. Be sure to shake it every 30 seconds or so - listen and wait for the kernels to burst!

  4. Turn off the heat when popping has reached height and slowed down. 

  5. Uncover and add butter or ghee and whichever OMNIVORE Organic Sea Salt Blend you're in the mood for: OMNIVORE Salt for simplicity with a touch of sea salt and a hit of black and red chili pepper; OMNIVORE Limone - Best to infuse this in your butter or ghee before drizzling it over the popcorn to activate the lemon zest and herbs; OMNIVORE Porcini to get a burst of umami and savory flavors only mushrooms can impart; or OMNIVORE Tartufo, an intoxicating blend of black truffle pieces that will make you savory every last bite.

This Gift Box includes:

  • 1 - Bag of Rancho Gordo Crimson Popping Corn (1lb)

  • PLUS your choice of Organic Sea Salt Blend Combo (2 oz each):

    SALT + LIMONE - $32
    SALT + PORCINI - $34
    SALT + TARTUFO- $44


SALT: Natural sea salt from Northern California, organic fennel, black pepper, organic red pepper

LIMONE: Natural sea salt from Northern California, organic lemon, zest, organic dill, organic ginger, organic parsley, organic garlic, organic fennel, and organic black pepper

PORCINI: Natural sea salt from Northern California, wild porcini mushrooms, wild porcini powder, organic black pepper, organic fennel, organic parsley

TARTUFO: Natural sea salt, flack, Black truffle mushrooms, organic black pepper