Omnivore Salt 6 oz. Bag

$ 10.00

"Omnivore Salt improves whatever it touches. Angelo has been one of my most influential teachers, in the kitchen as well as in the fields and woods." MICHAEL POLLAN

"This salt is so indispensable. I bring a bag everywhere I go!" ALICE WATERS

OMNIVORE SALT is an organic, well balanced, earthy, peppery, delicate picante sea salt blend. It is a versatile cooking salt and finishing salt as well.

Use it as a rub for grilling or roasting, as a foundation for sauces, soups, and dressings. Sprinkle it on eggs and vegetables. Just a pinch will add a perfect balance of taste to all your recipes and bring out the natural flavor of your food!

Tasting Notes: The blend of organic black pepper, red pepper and fennel gives this unique seasoning a bright, herbal, spicy, earthy flavor. It compliments everything it touches, from meats and seafood to an array of vegetables. It is an essential basic to have in your pantry.  Works on everything, if you only use one spice mix, this is it!

Ingredients: Natural sea salt from Northern California, organic fennel, black pepper, organic red pepper

Organic                          vegan                           gluten free

100% organic


OU Kosher

SQF and HACCP Certified herbs and spices.

More than 50% of our ingredients are Fair Trade Certified

Our salt is pure—NO flowing agents, minerals or anti-caking agents are added.