Omnivore Handmade Salt Shaker- SOLD OUT

$ 80.00

Omnivore Sculpture Salt Shaker... Designed by Angelo Garro in collaborations with San Francisco Based Artist, Maria Paz.

Each piece is unique and a bit different, made by the artist's hand in creating the details and glazing the work.

Come and enjoy the perfect Omnivore shalt shaker designed by the master of Salt—Angelo Garro.

Angelo is a trained blacksmith who has always loved sculpture. Inspired by Jiri Dvoracek, who worked with bronze, Angelo studied sculpture in Zurich when he was a young man. This year Angelo was playing with clay and created a little boar sculpture/salt shaker. He partners with San Francisco based artist Maria Paz to bring this fanciful sculpture to life.

Add it to your own table for the Holidays or make it a thoughtful gift for others.

This set includes 1 - 2 oz tin of OMNIVORE Salt