Omnivore and Wild Idea Buffalo

We are proud to announce our partnership with Wild Idea Buffalo

You can now purchase on their website a bundle loaded with a diversity of cuts for many memorable meals; Grill, simmer, or stew the prairie goodness and fill your heart and home with sustainable goodness. Also included, is the best seasoning for any kind of meat: Omnivore Salt.

Find the promotion here

wild idea buffalo and Omnivore Salt!

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Vulcano Ginger is here!


omnivore vulcano ginger is sugar free, organic, vegan and calorie free

Close your eyes. Imagine a warm, floral-scented day. Now, imagine to slowly taste a bright, exotic, rich flavor that will blow your mind and make your taste buds tingle. This, Omnivores, is the sensation you will experience when you sample Vulcano Ginger. 

Made in micro batches, and sugar free, our Vulcano Ginger arrives just in time for all kinds of delicious holiday recipes. The aromatic and spicy bite of ginger pairs perfectly with pork, poultry, and seafood. Try it on oysters, in cocktails, grilled vegetables, stir fries, chips, and Asian inspired dishes.

Vulcano Ginger strikes a perfect flavor balance between sweet, spicy and tart, and it is made by carefully mixing  local, organic produces. No artificial flavors or preservative are added to this mouthwatering elixir.


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Omnivore and Bi-Rite

Bi-Rite is pairing their fresh, sustainably-raised meat seasoned with Angelo Garro's organic and paleo seasoning salt for the summer.

Bi-Rite and Omnivore are teaming up this summer! Now this is what vacuum-sealed meat looks like when it's done right: Sustainably-raised meat pre-seasoned with Omnivore products, now available at Bi-Rite SF, ready to be grilled or sous vide. 

And while you're here -- follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the inside scoop on upcoming promotions and recipe ideas. 

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California Dreaming!

Angelo Garro and Omnivore team up with Northern Chef's Alliance for a great California Dreaming dinner party filled with fresh and tasty food in San Francisco.

BREAKING NEWS: Omnivore is excited to announce that the most epic dinner of 2016 is coming to San Francisco -- California Dreaming!

ChefsFeed partnered with the Northern Chef's Alliance to bring this event to the West Coast for the first time...ever. Picture this: a one-time only movable feast running through State Bird Provisions, The Progress SF, and The Workshop SF, featuring over a dozen of the hottest chefs in North America. The proceeds from the event will benefit local non-profit La Cocina SF.

The Canadian and American chefs collaborating in this year’s event include:
- Hosts and Chefs Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza of San Francisco’s State Bird Provisions and The Progress 
- Chefs Grae Nonas and Michael Fojastek of Olamaie 
- Chefs Connie DeSousa and John Jackson of Calgary’s Charcut
- Chef Scott Vivian of the Beast Restaurant
- Chef Matthew Jennings of Townsman Boston
- Chef Rucker Gabriel of Le Pigeon and Little Bird
- Chef Jose Enrique of San Juan’s Jose Enrique and El Blok
- Chef Ned Bell of Four Seasons Vancouver and Ocean Wise
- Chef Jeremy Charles of The Merchant Tavern  and Raymond's
- Chef Antonio Park of Montreal’s Park and Locanda

Tickets for this exclusive California Dreaming dinner event are now available for purchase HERE. Sponsors of the dinner and weekend festivities include Williams Sonoma, Almanac Beer, Rancho Llano Seco, Omnivore, and ChefsFeed.

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Llano Seco and Omnivore

Rancho Llano Seco and Omnivore Salt team up to offer more organic, paleo-friendly seasoning salt for your simple or more difficult recipes.

We love Llano Seco and until the end of summer we will be partnering with them in a series of local promotions!

Starting this week, stop by the Rancho Llano Seco stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturday or the Fort Mason Farmers Market on Sunday to get samples of Omnivore Salt along with every $20 of pork purchased. 

The grilling season is here...Don't miss this opportunity!

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Goat Al Asador with Michael, Alice and Samin

Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Samin Nosrat come to the Renaissance Forge to prepare Goat Al Asador and top it off with Omnivore Salt, an organic paleo-friendly seasoning.

Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Samin Nosrat come to the Renaissance Forge to prepare Goat Al Asador and top it off with Omnivore Salt, an organic paleo-friendly seasoning.

Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Samin Nosrat come to the Renaissance Forge to prepare Goat Al Asador and top it off with Omnivore Salt, an organic paleo-friendly seasoning.

What’s the best way to celebrate summer and the grilling season? Roasting a goat for 8 hours with Michael PollanSamin Nosrat​, and Alice Waters​. Samin slow-cooked the whole animal over hot coals by fastening it to an iron cross designed and built by Angelo Garro​. It was a celebration of tradition and friendship, filled with a feast of handmade tortillas and seared meat. And of course -- we seasoned it with Omnivore.

You can learn more about Argentine Asado and its tradition by reading this fun guide from Lucky Peach HERE

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Sonoko Sakai at The Forge

Sonoko Sakai at Angelo Garro's Renaissance Forge for a summer cooking class using Omnivore organic seasoning salt.

We recently hosted four Soba noodle classes at the Forge with famous food writer, author, and cooking teacher Sonoko Sakai.

For 4 hours Sokono taught how to make and serve Soba, the traditional hand-rolled and cut buckwheat noodles. We had the pleasure to make traditional Nihachi style soba, using a blend of fresh, native stone ground organic buckwheat flour and wheat flour from a new crop of heirloom grains. The class then prepared the soba two ways, cold with soy-bonito dashi dipping sauces and served hot in a broth.

This was a unique experience and we really want to thank Sonoko and all our great students, including our friends Brian Boitano and Robin Koda from Koda Farm. 

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our website for updates on future events. You may also contact if you would like to book a private class. 

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Omnivore Sausage Making Class at the Shed

Come to this summer event with Angelo Garro for a cooking class featuring sausage and pasta.

Angelo Garro's longstanding tradition of making salami and curing meat has become a family tradition throughout the years. The Renaissance Man himself will be teaching an exclusive event class at The Shed where you get to see him work his magic in the kitchen and even better -- join in on the fun yourself!

Expect a unique experience filled with cooking tips that have held up over decades and fresh food in an authentic Italian style. Make sure to bring your own butchering knife and apron to the venue. This event has very limited space so click this link to purchase your tickets and guarantee your spot at this special occasion!

The Shed
25 North Street,
Healdsburg, CA 95448


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Omnivore and Cheese Plus Celebrate!

omnivore at cheese plus

Omnivore spent a weekend celebrating Cheese Plus on its 11th year anniversary along with other local food artisans. We took up Polk street with excellent music and a series of tasty food samplings. Hopefully you made it to this wonderful event and if you missed it, follow our Instagram @Omnivore.Us for updates on upcoming events. 

Cheese Plus is a premier cheese and specialty food store that supports Bay Area artisans and we are so grateful for their presence in the community. Once again, Happy Birthday Cheese Plus!

omnivore at cheese plus' anniversary with Veronica Ronchi


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