Sonoko Sakai at The Forge

Sonoko Sakai at Angelo Garro's Renaissance Forge for a summer cooking class using Omnivore organic seasoning salt.

We recently hosted four Soba noodle classes at the Forge with famous food writer, author, and cooking teacher Sonoko Sakai.

For 4 hours Sokono taught how to make and serve Soba, the traditional hand-rolled and cut buckwheat noodles. We had the pleasure to make traditional Nihachi style soba, using a blend of fresh, native stone ground organic buckwheat flour and wheat flour from a new crop of heirloom grains. The class then prepared the soba two ways, cold with soy-bonito dashi dipping sauces and served hot in a broth.

This was a unique experience and we really want to thank Sonoko and all our great students, including our friends Brian Boitano and Robin Koda from Koda Farm. 

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