Omnivore Vulcano on Cooking Light

Cooking Light features newest Omnivore organic condiment seasoning.

"The newest sauce in the Omnivore lineup, Vulcano Classic, is a vibrantly red hot sauce -- not too mild or too spicy, full of tang, natural sweetness, and heat. Each bottle takes a day to produce, made in tiny batches in the kitchen in California. Pairings for this versatile sauce are nearly limitless; splash over eggs and potatoes for some added heat, complement raw oysters with a few drops on top, or elevate a cocktail with some extra spice"- Kate Malin, writer for Cooking Light 

Omnivore was featured in Cooking Light's Food Finds section! Read the article HERE.

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Omnivore On Menu Stories

Angelo Garro's organic seasoning and salt are discussed in this summer interview with Veronica Ronchi and Menu Stories

Great news! Omnivore's latest interview is out and you can listen it here.

Angelo Garro and Veronica Ronchi share their thoughts on the beautiful simplicity of a wholesome meal and the beginning of Omnivore itself. 

Menu Stories offers a podcast featuring chefs, restaurateurs, shop owners, and food makers. We are glad to be highlighted in their awesome collection! 

omnivore and menu stories

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